Quilters Dream Green Batting Select Loft

Size: Throw 60" x 60"
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*FREE shipping applies to a maximum 4 batts and batting rolls are excluded.  You will be emailed a separate invoice for shipping charges before shipping your order. Quilters Dream Green Batting -  A mid-loft (select), Earth friendly soft polyester batting made 100% from recycled plastic bottles!  Dream Green Batting uses a new generation of soft cozy truly green polyester fiber made from recycled plastic bottles.  These recycled post-consumer fibers are indistinguishable from soft "virgin" polyester fibers yet are made without depleting our precious natural resources.  Recycled plastic bottles are cut into chips, washed, melted and extruded into fine polyester fibers.  Processed using the close-the-loop recycling chain, it is pro-environment in both its raw material source and its manufacturing process.  Each pound of Dream Green Batting keeps 10 plastic bottles out of our landfills!  To avoid additional processing, Quilters Dream has kept the soft "natural" green bottle color, but you can rest assured that Dream Green is colorfast and compatible to all your fines quilts and projects.  Finished quilt may be machine washed and dried with little to no shrinkage, and is wrinkle resistant.  Dream Green is carded, crosslapped and needlepunched for uniformity, strength, and resiliency.  There is no scrim or resins yet you can stitch up to 12 inches apart!  Your needles will glide through this unique eco-friendly batting. Excellent for machine quilting and very good for hand quilting.  Made in the USA!

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