Did you know that one yard of a 108" wide back is approximately equivalent to 2-1/2 yards of a 44" wide fabric?  With our ever-expanding inventory of wide quilt backs, we began to think of all the creative uses for them, aside from beautiful backings for your quilts.  Some of these are our ideas, some are from fabric manufacturers, and most are from our wonderfully creative customers.
  1. Quilt borders and bindings without piecing or minimal piecing! 
  2. Whole cloth quilts (the sateen is especially elegant for this) 
  3. Duvet covers – sew two different backings together for a reversible comforter 
  4. A bed covering - to keep your bed quilt/comforter/bedspread clean when the cats/dogs decide to sleep on your bed  
  5. Large dog crate beds/pet beds 
  6. Protective covers for car interior 
  7. Costuming or dresses 
  8. Pergola covers
  9. Canopies/party tents 
  10. Nursing home privacy curtains 
  11. Banners 
  12. Shower curtains
  13. Trade show curtains 
  14. Banquet table cloths 
  15. Beach blankets or covers for sun umbrellas 
  16. Backdrops for stages or professional photography 
  17. Floor Mats  
  18. Apply liquid starch to the fabric and apply it to the wall for "instant fabric wallpaper".  Smooth out the fabric and let dry. Later, simply pull it down to remove.  
  19. And, wide backings are more economical for:
  • Cutting into smaller sizes for use in several smaller quilts 
  • Piecing quilt tops 
  • Coordinating window treatments, tablecloths (especially round tablecloths without piecing!), pillows, bed skirts, headboards and more.  

Do you have an idea to share? Send it to christine@backsidefabrics.com with the subject line “Stepping Out From The BackSide” and we will add it to our list.  Make sure to share this list with your friends!